27 ChatGPT Prompts for Bloggers (Ideas, Outlines, Drafts, SEO, and More)

27 ChatGPT Prompts for Bloggers (ChatGPT Prompt Writing Guide)

Have you given ChatGPT a try for producing blog content? It’s a fun AI (artificial intelligence) tool to play around with—and it’s free! Enter: today’s guide to ChatGPT prompts for bloggers. But one problem that a lot of bloggers have is that ChatGPT seems to produce quite bland, generic content. It’s not the sort of thing

The Blogger’s Guide to Link Building (How to Build High Quality Links & Relationships with Bloggers)

Link Building for Bloggers (How to Build Links and Relationships with Bloggers)

Link building is hugely important for driving more traffic to your blog—so much so that it’s the main component of “off-page” SEO. You might already be familiar with link building, or you might have a hazy idea of what it means. You may also have come across the idea of “bad” backlinks to your blog and

117+ Essential Online Business Tools to Use in Growing Your Online Business in 2023

101 Best Online Business Tools to Grow Your Business Online (Quickly) Hero Image

Amongst the many reasons why my first online business eventually devolved into a fiery inferno, one thing I seriously lacked was an in-depth knowledge of all the incredibly useful online business tools, services and platforms at my disposal—that could’ve helped me more effectively launch a profitable online business. By choosing to start a side business

7 Proven Blog Topic Ideas for New Bloggers in 2023: What Should I Start a Blog About?

What Should I Start a Blog About (Blog Topic Ideas and Examples)

If you’re thinking of starting a blog, or getting back into blogging, you might be wondering… what should I start a blog about?—or if this isn’t your first rodeo, which blog topics you should pursue this time around. Enter: My guide to choosing the right blog topic ideas. It can be tough to settle on